Wednesday, 11 December, 2019

Blood and Soil in Narendra Modi’s India

December 3, 2019 pak_adnews

A Reporter at Large The Prime Minister’s Hindu-nationalist government has Read more…

CIA-Backed Afghan Forces Commit Atrocities in Afghanistan

November 1, 2019 pak_adnews

United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)-backed Afghan forces have committed summary executions and Read more…

India’s Most Oppressed Get Their Revenge

May 16, 2019 pak_adnews

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s rule came with an attack on Read more…

Cow Slaughter Laws and Vigilante Groups – USCIRF Report April 2019


  Under article 48 of India’s constitution, the slaughter of Read more…

NGO Registration – USCIRF Report April 2019


  Several international groups—some with missionary and human rights portfolios—have Read more…

Continued Impunity for Large-Scale Communal Violence – USCIRF Report April 2019


  Numerous instances of large-scale communal violence across India remain Read more…

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