Published On: Tue, Jun 3rd, 2014

A blessing in disguise


By Ahmed Ali, Dammam

The army and civilian leaderships should see TTP discord as a blessing in disguise. They should form a joint strategy to fight the militants.

This growing schism between Taleban factions will help the authorities in effectively fighting terrorism. However, the situation will not remain for long. Once the splinter groups get strong, they would pose a new threat to the country and new fronts would open up. The government should talk to those willing to “surrender” and the army should annihilate those reportedly getting support from “foreign forces” hell bent on destabilizing Pakistan.

The authorities should also try to take into confidence tribal elders. It is a well-known fact that tribal people of Pakistan are very loyal to the country and if the government offers them incriminating evidence against the so-called Taleban working against the interests of the country, I am sure they will oppose such elements tooth and nail.

The authorities should utilize this opportunity to extirpate anti-Pakistan elements. At this critical juncture, both civilian and military leaderships should keep Pakistan’s interest in mind. If there is some kind of friction between the two sides, efforts should be made to iron out differences.

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