Published On: Thu, Aug 24th, 2017

Afghanistan needs peace strategy, no war strategy

By Tajmeer Durrani

Many Afghans do not agree with some of Trump’s recommendations. They believe that enough Afghans were killed in the last almost 40 and especially the last 16 years. Afghanistan do not want foreign countries or the Afghan government to continue killing Afghans. Afghanistan needs peace strategy, no war strategy.

Those people who think that they can bring peace through using power or weapons, they are blind. They cannot see that the experience of the past 40 years and specifically the experience of the past 16 years showed that peace cannot be achieved by force. By killing thousands and hundreds of thousands cannot win the hearts and minds of the orphans, the widows and those who have lost their loved ones in the war. One of the biggest mistakes US made was that they put trust on the previous warlords, war criminals, human rights abusers among them the Communists whose hearts were full of knots of hatred towards the Afghan Muslim and Mujahid people. We need to understand that there are people in this country, who loves and enjoys to kill Afghans, they love and enjoy to see the country destructed and the name of its eliminated from the face of the earth.

There are others who can resist to see Afghanistan is a country where they can enjoy the same way as they do in USA, Europe and other foreign countries. The Afghan people are divided and they have different interests and desires, however we must be realistic and should realize that Afghanistan is still prone to the disasters of the time of King Amanullah Khan, the time of uprising against the communists and the former soviet union and the time of uprising against the Mujahiddin government in 1990.

The goal should be peace through a political solution and not military solution. Taliban are Afghans and they are better in all standards compare to all those warlords who enjoys full support of the international community. Taliban were and are free of all types of corruption. They are honest and loyal more than any other Afghan. They have legitimate claims, rule of Islamic law and full independence of the country. These should be discussed.

Every genuine Afghan wants an independent country. We know and Taliban also know that the way of governance and the political and economic situation of the country requires flexibility and being soft. Therefore Afghans strongly believe that war and military approach is not the right strategy.

President Ghani and nobody else can do anything against the warlords as long as the war is going on. Because during the war, it is the warlords, who should be respected as heroes and as someone who deserve every type of entitlements. In addition, the Afghan people cannot trust President Ghani anymore. He did not keep any of his promises. Therefore the main points for the USA will be to carefully consider the point that a fair Afghan leadership who should not be part of the war and should have a better understanding of Taliban and the country ground realities can play a crucial role in reaching to the peace.

Those Afghans who grew up out of the country, are not well fit for the leadership of Afghanistan.  Afghanistan needs someone who should strongly believe that they can live with all classes of Afghans, all tribes, all political parties and especially who should have a full confidence that he can easily communicate with the international community and with the Taliban to find a way out of the current crises.

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