Afghans flock to Taliban courts seeking swift justice

Kidnapped at gunpoint, Shir Aga was held in a dry well with no food and little water for 13 days before he sold his truck, paid a ransom and was finally released.

The 28-year-old lorry driver – jobless after selling his truck – reported his case to the police and the government’s National Directorate of Security last year. After weeks of waiting, no progress had been made. At best, he was told, his kidnappers would be taken to jail, but he likely would never see his money again.

Strapped for cash, Mr Aga opted for Plan B: He approached a Taliban court near his village in Gulran district in rural Herat, detailing what had happened to him. Within a day, his assailants were captured, put in a Taliban prison, and Mr Aga’s money was returned.

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