Agent – Not – In – Place and Agent Provocateur Forever Be – Gone are the Neo-Cons From Power and with them Hussain Haqqani Too

Agent – Not – In – Place and Agent Provocateur Forever Be – Gone are the Neo-Cons From Power and with them Hussain Haqqani Too

(Shaikh Muhammad Bilal)

In the indefinable, clandestine and dangerous world of espionage, the key role in any type of intelligence operation is played by the Agent – in – Place who provides effective coverage on and is involved in attempts to bring about abrupt change of the target’s operations, policies motivations, perceptions, attitudes and opinions. Mingles with key decision makers so that he is able to access and ingress decision making processes, upset them or mold them to the cause of his controlling power, plants fake news in the media of the target which is often contradictory, psychologically manipulative and ideologically dissonant for the elite as well as the general populace. And finally when subversion becomes an unchecked visible activity, assists the fifth column to become the regime and eliminate all sources of opposition from the previous one or lays the grounds for the legitimacy of a nefarious intervention by his controlling power.

Agent – In – Place operations seem conspiracy but in fact are clandestine activities and efforts happening in reality, outside the scope of regular domestic and international political activities and beyond international law.  Every major global power with efficient intelligence and military structures (and there are not many in the world) pursue their national interests through a framework of multi-track engagement, some also secretly consent in placing their own agents within the government of friends countries for the sake of developing trust.   The case of Hussain Haqqani being an Agent – In – Place is of an overt nature. However, things are not black and white, deviousness and temptation for money, honey and power is almost impossible to resist. Hussain Haqqani aspired for an even greater role through a more powerful position being influenced by his controlling power inside the Pakistani government, being ambassador twice and a special assistant to an elected Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Currently, Hussain Haqqani who has admitted providing valuable assistance to a foreign power of unpredictable intentions (issuing visas to private military companies, assisting CIA in their covert operations in Pakistan and the memogate scandal) has fired the first shots in an informational campaign of creating divergence in the Trump administration’s South Asia policy. In this informational campaign the scapegoat is Pakistan and its government whom he had served on key strategic positions including as Ambassador to the US. All the global political pundits including the oligarch controlled media had made Hilary Clinton president of United States even before the elections. However as the result turned out to be a surprise for the world at large, for Hussain Haqqani it gushed from within anger and frustration for his ambitions. As he was sure that if Hilary Clinton would have become the US President, he would land in Pakistan and take charge of the Foreign Ministry. However, the Neocons are out of power for good and now humiliated by Donald Trump, most of them and their remnants are yelping partisan opinions on pseudo – public platforms.

For Hussain Haqqani from a simplistic point of view maligning the Pakistani government and government results in a lot of benefits including perpetuity of residence in the US, financial rewards and connections with some of those who hate Pakistan and would find any excuse to blame Pakistan for all the evils being faced by USA. From a complex point of view, things appear more complicated. Being a hardcore ideological stalwart of the Neocons, Haqqani is a perfect Agent- in- Place at the crux of the American think tank and academic community to provoke the new presidential administration of policy change which would make President Trump to be humiliated at home and abroad. His aim is to make Donald Trump fail in his foreign policy towards South Asia and to do this he is scapegoating Pakistan. Regardless of the shape shifting of the US government, one thing which is still in fashion and sells at the heart of think tank and academic community in USA is bashing Pakistan for all the blunders of the US especially in Afghanistan and as a source of regional and global instability.

There were many Hussain Haqqanis before and more will come in the future. Personalities of these kinds are full of frustration due to thwarts in their plans to come to power from outside support, hence they resort to political and psychological active measures by lambasting opinions, lectures and research reports through use of think tanks and other track 2 platforms. Hussain Haqqani’s current political and psychological onslaught is bound to put Pakistan – USA relations in the abyss. As the current Trump administration is involved in reprioritizing its global and regional interests by making America great again, it is highly likely that Haqqani being an old stalwart of the out of power Neocons, might want to create a historical disruption in the bilateral relations.

US – Pakistan relations are of a historic, multi-directional and multi-track nature. Although these relations have their own ups and downs but the very cherish able character of these relations has been that they have never been disrupted. Not matter  how divergent the relations have been but both American and Pakistani interlocutors have never halted their engagement and presenting to each other their point of views on global and regional events. Now as the new administration is about to cut its teeth on changing the dynamics of American global engagement, there arises window of opportunities for crazies like Hussain Haqqani to dent and destabilize this long and historical bilateral relationship.

From a Pakistani perspective, if Hussain Haqqani is so concerned about the machinations of the Pakistani government especially the military and intelligence structures then he should come back to Pakistan and in full earnest should start the winds of change from within. But this is not the case, his direct implications on the military and intelligence structures (revered by the majority as saviors) smell of some nefarious informational campaign. Pakistan is a young country with a young population with majority of those born after the 1971 war in East Pakistan. As these young people have no memory from witnessing the past, there arises an opportunity to brain wash them, Hussain Haqqani knows this and he is attempting to create space for his nefarious influence and provocations in the minds of the young emerging population.

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