Who Benefits from the Afghan Drug Trade?

Who Benefits from the Afghan Drug Trade

UN has declared Afghanistan the biggest producer of opium; a multi-billion business in the world. However, Afghan economy does not benefit from this trade in a worthwhile manner. Afghan opium farmers continue to stay as poor. Local insurgents and warlords control the business of distributing the drugs and make some money. However, the massive profits More...

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Human Trafficking in Pakistan
By pak_adnews On Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Little Realization of Human Trafficking in Pakistan

Human trafficking is an organized crime and a big business in many parts of the world. However, in Pakistan, what is different is the continuously increasing volume of the traffic and lack of interest in stemming More...

Incredible India
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The True Face of Incredible India

Ever since the Hindu extremist party BJP took reins of power in India, it has embarked on a massive spree of defence spending. The scale is indeed unprecedented in the Indian history. For the year 2017-18, the Indian More...

India’s Greater Role In Afghanistan
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India’s Greater Role In Afghanistan

  By Atta Rasool Malik* Chanakya, the Hindu philosopher known for his cunning dictums on statecraft said, “The enemy of your enemy is your friend.” In perpetually following this malicious maxim to this More...

Incredible India
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The indignity of being Muslim in India

By Sahil Wajid My first name was chosen by my mother because it was, as she put it, a “secular” name. Being a mildly religious woman, that really meant the name came as close as it could to a Hindu one, without More...

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Asia’s Other Nuclear Standoff

By roping India and Japan into its standoff with China, the U.S. is raising the nuclear stakes in Asia — including, dangerously, between India and Pakistan. By Conn Hallinan With the world focused on the scary More...

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Kabul’s Plan to Realize Afghanistan’s Landlocked Location into an Asset

The Afghan government is working to turn the country’s landlocked location into an asset. By Abid Amiri Back in 1776, Adam Smith observed that “all the inland parts” of Africa and Asia were the world’s least More...

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The Global Oil War Rages On With OPEC Cut Deal Extension

By Catherine Putz OPEC and major non-OPEC producers agreed to extend the December 2016 production cut deal through 2018. Last week, OPEC and non-OPEC major oil producers agreed to extend production cuts that have More...

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Shifting Spheres of Influence: The Next Phase of the Russia-Pakistan Rapprochement

By Andrew Korybko The next logical phase of the Russian-Pakistani rapprochement is the comprehensive expansion of people-to-people ties via the creation of a Russian Friendship Center in Islamabad and other creative More...

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Is U.S. Policy in Afghanistan Doomed?

By John Dietrich Politico provides an account of a State Department election night “party” in Kabul’s U.S. embassy.  The author, May Jeong, describes the State Department employees, “who are More...