Published On: Mon, Aug 18th, 2014

Congo Virus Hits Pakistan

The Two men who were earlier infected with the Congo virus passed away, while a woman, who also contracted the fatal virus, is still being treated, Medical News Pakistan has learnt.

A officer at the district hospital has said that the thirty-year-old Abdullah Jan died at the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Zhob, while 60-year-old Taween Khan passed away in Multan. He further added that Abdur Razzaq, 25, was admitted at Jilani Hospital Quetta earlier but had been discharged after treatment. He also said that a woman was also admitted at Fatma Jinnah TB Sanatorium Quetta.

The reported patients infected in a small village, Killi Blump, comprising of a dozen houses near Mena Bazaar, about 40-50 kilometers from Zhob city.

The patients went to Quetta and Multan for medical treatment where doctors confirmed that they had contracted the fever.

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