Published On: Wed, Aug 23rd, 2017

DAISH’s Self-Proclaimed Caliph: Personification of Proto-Fascist Ideology

By Shaikh Muhammad Bilal

History is full of struggles of people to preserve, safeguard their values, freedom and their way of life including practicing religion. For Muslims globally the menace of terrorism and the poison of its proto-fascist ideology is just the beginning of a greater struggle of preserving, safeguarding their sacred religion and building an inclusive modern society in Muslim countries. Terrorist organizations whose leaders are self-styling themselves as Caliphs and giving a religious cover to their evil proto-fascist ideology of total domination over the mind, body, heart and soul of Muslims are bent upon hijacking the sacred Islamic tenants and halt the evolving structure of Muslim society’s interaction with modernity. And they would strive to do anything to ridicule the true message of peace, tolerance and freedoms which Islam preaches. Ibrahim al-Samarrai, aka Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the infamous leader and self-proclaimed Caliph of DAISH might be dead but his ideology still survives, being propagated by the lunatics still left behind and becoming a tool to halt the evolution currently shaping Muslim societies with modernity.

The disseminating of the murk on the death of al- Baghdadi, is a proto- fascist tactic to create confusion, instill extremism and hide the reversed military situation which DAISH currently faces in area once under its sway. Now a new transformed goal of DAISH is to spread its proto-fascism using internet and cyber space in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan which are backed by praises of perpetrators of sporadic terroristic incidents. Who would praise an individual who blows himself up in a crowd of women, children and people. This can only be the machinations of a proto-fascist group fascinated by death and destruction.

The tactics and the strategy DAISH uses are being given the coloring of the sacred religion of Islam and this guising of radical proto- fascist ideology with the sacred Islamic tenants can only be the idea and work of those who have left the fold of Islam. DAISH’s activities have caused nothing but shame on Muslims and have resulted in one of the world’s biggest human tragedy which is currently taking new directions in the Middle East especially in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. If DAISH would have been a truly Islamic entity, then it would have followed the path of universal peace and empathy of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Rather it is involved in all sorts of illicit activities which are strictly forbidden such as enslavement of women & children, barbaric acts of beheadings, terrorism, generating revenues through black marketing and transit of drugs and oil.

DAISH psychopaths are similar to the well versed fascist ideologues of the recent past who when coming to power through manipulation of the public sphere have led their nations to total destruction. Just as the same way these fascist ideologues of the past used ethnicity and political ideals with propaganda, DAISH substitutes ethnicity and political ideals with religion to manipulate the mindset and public sphere of Muslims globally. How DAISH guised its proto-fascists ideology which emerged from developed countries and not from Islam can be ascertained from its emergence, use of brutal violence and its projection through sophisticated information technologies for direct manipulation of Muslim mindsets.

The true caliphates during the early days of Islam did not emerge nor did they neither had a bitter end like the one faced by DAISH. In fact after the death of the Prophet (PBUH) caliphs were chosen by the will of the people and their rule resulted in peace, prosperity and tranquility for Muslims and Non- Muslims alike. Caliphs received pledge of allegiance through their god fearing character, upholding the right of life & freedom of speech as apex priorities and not the use of violence as a systematic instrument to intimidate people. DAISH if it was a true Islamic entity would have emerged in a likewise manner of the sacred Caliphates of the past. As its ideology is extremists and proto- fascists guised under the sacred religion of Islam, DAISH’s barbaric and unprecedented heinous crimes against humanity including on Muslims and non- Muslims is only attracting a segment of society which is sick, scum of society and lacks knowledge of Islamic principles.

Using information technology to spread and stir up public opinions and perceptions by disseminating unchecked incidents of brutal atrocities against human beings while simultaneously committing bloody terrorist attacks in Muslim countries and around the world, have backfired as DAISH being an Islamic entity is rejected by majority of Muslim communities. However, what gives breathing space to DAISH is the reaction of just “OH DEAR!”, “Blame it on Islam” and “support moderate opposition”. However, due to efforts of some of the core members of the global Islamic community and the International Community, the once significant territories it occupied are now in the reversal. DAISH rejection by majority of Muslims and continued strikes on its leadership and in areas under its control are the reasons that DAISH has intensified its online evil frenzy and is now calling for commitment of all sorts of madness by anyone. Like any dying entity bent upon spoilage, it willingly takes credit for any barbaric act committed by anyone around the world like any other proto-fascist or radical right group in the developed nations.

Radical right groups and DAISH are two sides of a same coin as they only attract two kinds of personalities, the mentally disoriented outcasts, scum of society whose constant failures have dented their mental healing towards acceptance of violence and the second types are those who have lack of knowledge of the sacred religion of Islam are not interested in reading in detail the Quran and the Hadith but have developed a chuck in their mindset that everything bad happening in Muslim countries is due to the cooperation of Muslim countries with non- Muslim countries. These perveted personalities are unable to cope with the changing socio-political and economic dynamics which are moving for the betterment. DAISH has exploited these kinds of personalities, uses and disposes them off for spreading its barbarism. Money is another manipulative instrument to attract more and more psychopaths, it videotapes its converts showing of financial exuberance by flashing money and expensive cars.

DAISH is neither Islamic nor a Caliphate, it is a proto- fascist group which Allah has already mentioned in the Quran and the Prophet (PBUH) has already defined in detail during His (PBUH) lifetime. In the Holy Quran it is mentioned about groups like DAISH: “ And when it is said to them make not mischief on the earth, they say we are only peacemakers. Verily they are the ones who make mischief but they perceive not.” ( Surah Al Baqarah Ayats 11-12).

DAISH is so poor in Islamic knowledge that it does not have a single ideologue who could create popular religious appeal for it even in Iraq and Syria. The group is using audio/ video contents to display its capacity for terror like a criminal gang to create DAISH’s fear. These facts are enough to open eyes of every Muslim who has little faith in his heart. We are living in the era of mass deception in the name of Islam and we must realize that satanic behavior and criminal nature of DAISH are against the essence of teachings of Quran and Sunnat but is a result of lacking inclusiveness in Muslim societies due to pressures of modernity. Creating an all encompass inclusive societal structure will definitely defeat DAISH’s proto-fascists ideology globally.


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