Published On: Thu, Sep 11th, 2014

Digging up of trenches on Pak, Afghan border continues

Digging up of trenches on Pak, Afghan border continues

Quetta—Extended Trench digging campaign is continuing speedily on Pak Afghan border under the administration of Frontier Corps Balochistan.

After taking the charge of Frontier Core Balochistan IG FC Major General Ijaz Shahid especially concentrated on the control of border in which administrative and security steps are included in which the most notable step is the installation of SVAS system on Quetta, Chaman and Taftan for arresting and identifying the illegal foreign nationals.Pak Afghan and Pak Iran Trench dig up is also included in the milestones.

480 kilometer long trench has been dug up at the Afghan Border; repair and cleaning work on the already existing 111 kilometer long trench has been completed.

The Trench is 8 feet deep and 10 feet wide, hundreds of Personnel of Zhob Militia, Qila Saifullah Scouts, Noshki Militia, Tafttan Rifle, Mikran Scouts, Dilbandeen Rifle, approx 70 excavators and dumpers are taking part in the campaign.

According to border control mechanism with the construction of current trench smuggling, infiltration of terrorists, transportation of illegal foreign nationals and smuggling of weapons will be stopped which will have positive affects on the economy of Pakistan and it will also help to control such incidents which affect the Pak Afghan relations. FC Balochistan started the trench digging project from May 2014 with the help of Provincial and Federal government while it will be completed till October 30.RS 260 millions have been spent till on the project.

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