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Downfall of Fazlullah, His Former Mouthpiece Ahsanullah Ahsan Exposes TTP’ Ties with RAW and NDS

By Syed Saqib Ali Shah

The former spokesman of infamous Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Jammat-ul-Ahrar (JUA) Ahsanullah Ahsan has been involved in uncountable terrorist acts like inhuman attack on Malala Yousafzai, Bacha Khan airport, Shujaa Khanzada, foreign tourist at Nanga Parbat and dozen other. He has unmasked that outlawed terror groups are funded and assisted by India and its spy agency RAW to carry out terrorist and subversive activities in Pakistan. In a confessional statement, he said that when they moved to Afghanistan after North Waziristan’s operation, he saw Taliban leadership fostered relations with Indian RAW and Afghan NDS. They financed Taliban and even gave targets to them. Taliban received reward from RAW for every single terrorist activity in Pakistan. However, TTP leaders left its fighters to face Pakistan Army in battleground while they themselves sought refuge in safe hideouts. Pakistan Army has destroyed several Jamaat-ul-Ahrar’ camps in Afghan territory and killed many of their commandoes in its ongoing operation. Due to efforts of security forces of Pakistan, the morale of their fighters and their senior leadership has been shaken. Ahsan has given message to those who are stuck there in TTP and want to quit it, “adopt the path of peace and come back to the life of tranquility.”

The fundamental significance of this surrender and confessional statement is that these groups of TTP have been weakened and more importantly it is established that the ongoing operation Raad ul Fassad is delivering fruitful results. The current strategy has resulted in fragmentation and eradication of those terrorists who have fled from Pakistan to safe heavens in Afghanistan.  The ongoing operations caused enormous damages to TTP and after they failed to receive media coverage, they maligned Islam and began misleading the youth through social media. In confessional statement, he said that they spread propaganda statements and started misleading youth to provoke them using wrong interpretation of Islam. He has a message for these young people that these people are fighting only for their selfish designs and are used by external inimical forces against Pakistan.

Ahsanullah Ahsan’s surrender has come in wake of surrender by eight JuA commanders earlier on third April when the ISPR announced the surrender but gave out only three names that of Akbar, Gul and Siraj. One of the reasons of Ahsan’s voluntary submission to Pakistan Army is that he surrendered once he realized that the TTP leadership’ actual aim is to serve self-agenda and it fulfills agenda of foreign forces, hostile to Pakistan. He revealed that these terrorist organizations have established committees in Afghanistan through which they communicate and coordinate with RAW. The RAW and NDS had given them special visas to help them move around Afghanistan with ease. In Afghanistan, these visas function like Pakistani ID cards. Without these documents, it is very difficult for terrorists to move around Afghanistan considering the security situation in that country. These terrorists remain in contact with Afghan and Indian security forces before they moved anywhere in the country. These agencies grant them passage and guide their infiltration attempts into Pakistan. One important aspect here is that if Afghan military establishment sincerely share intelligence and cooperate with Pakistan then moving in this direction will further enhance pressure on TTP. But, they always seem reluctant even after the opening of closed Af-Pak border in result of bilateral “London Talks”.

JuA is one of the most lethal of TTP’s splinter groups and it has been involved in some of the most brutal attacks. The group carried out about 120 attacks since it was formed nearly three years ago. At one stage, JuA had aligned itself with DAISH. JuA subsequently returned to the TTP fold, but continued to maintain an independent identity. The group launched the so-called operation Ghazi in February that led to spike in terrorist attacks. Having Ahsan in custody could be invaluable for security agencies given the wealth of information he could have about JuA networks and operations.

The ideological position of TTP has vanished since the sizzling revelation of Ehsan about RAW-NDS-TTP nexus to fund TTP. He told TTP commander Umar Khalid Khorasani that we are supporting the kuffar (non-believers) and helping them kill our own people in our own country. Khorasani said that even if Israel agrees to fund me to spread terror in Pakistan, I will take their help too. At that point, he had figured out that the TTP leadership was functioning to serve its own self-interests and agendas.  They never lived up to their own slogans and what they preached. A handful of commanders, who dominated TTP leadership misled and massacre the innocent, kidnapped them and extorted them for money, used innocents in bomb blasts on public points, attack schools, colleges and universities. So, Islam doesn’t teach us this. This is against the teachings of Islam.

Ahsanullah Ahsan further questioned that what can you expect from such organizations in which leaders are selected through the process of a lucky draw? The internal disputes and battle for leadership raged within Taliban ranks after army launched operation in trial areas. The succession struggle began between Umar Khalid Khurasani, Khan Sayed Sajna and Fazlullah soon after Hakimullah’s death. The fight for leadership intensified when operations began in Waziristan. When everybody in the organization began fighting for leadership, the Shura decided to have a lucky draw and as its result Mullah Fazlullah was elected as the new leader. Fazlullah was also the one who forcefully married to his teacher’s daughter. Such persons are not serving Islam. Ahsan is source of inducement to other terrorists.

In current circumstances, Pakistan stands at the position of strength and there will be further fruitful results in coming days. The new strategy adopted in Raad-ul-Fassad by new military leadership is very effective as in one hand it uses full power against terrorists all around and at the same time it uses other means of reconciliation. Those who have taken arms against Pakistan will be dealt strictly but on the other hand those who retreat from their deviated ideology will have some concessions in prosecution if they cooperate with LEAs to dismantle the designs of their abandoned terrorist’s organizations. According to Ahsanullah Ahsan, there are thousand other terrorists who want to surrender in front of Pakistan Army and the option of reconciliation policy parallel to kinetic approach will encourage those who intend to surrender. This policy will help the terrorists to lay down weapons and reintegrate as militants in Baluchistan are reconciling.

The state, institutions and the people of Pakistan have made considerable progress in the betterment of the country’s security situation. We have progressed to the point that the people who have been planning attacks on Pakistan’s soil from across the border have started to see that the situation has changed under operation Raad-ul-Fassad. The state is re-establishing its writ and no element can challenge the state if the state has the will to weed out dangerous elements. There can be no bigger achievement for Pakistan than the fact that our biggest enemies are now realizing the error of their ways and are turning themselves in. Let Ahsanullah Ahsan spill the beans in front of everyone as to who has been behind the terrorism in Pakistan all these years. After Kulbhushan Yadav, Ahsan will be the icing on the cake for Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. Pakistan is wiping out its adversaries and it will soon triumphed over militants and their abettors.

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