Hassan #Rouhani uses #U.N. stage to slam Trump over nuclear deal – “We cannot allow the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism to possess the planet’s most dangerous weapons,” Mr. #Trump said. “We ask all nations to isolate Iran’s regime as long as its aggression continues.”

Iran’s president used the stage of the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday to slam President Trump’s withdrawal of the 2015 Iranian nuclear accord, claiming the rest of the world won’t go along with the U.S. move and that Washington’s re-imposition of sanctions against Tehran is a “form of economic terrorism.”

Hassan Rouhani’s remarks came just a few hours after Mr. Trump stood at the same podium at the gathering of world leaders here in New York, calling on them to isolate Iran and accusing Tehran of spreading terrorism and clandestinely building a nuclear arsenal in violation of the Obama-era nuclear accord.

Read: Hassan Rouhani uses U.N. stage to slam Trump over nuclear deal – Washington Times

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