Published On: Fri, Apr 27th, 2018

India, The World’s Largest Democracy, Blocks More Websites Than Pakistan, Bahrain and UAE combined

Internet Censorship in India

The Indian government is blocking more websites than Pakistan, Bahrain and UAE combined. That’s according to a report by University of Toronto-based Citizen Lab along with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Indian internet service providers have installed the highest number of Internet filtering systems and blocked the maximum number of web pages, the report said, based on a survey. In fact, India tops the list of 10 countries that were part of the survey. The Indian Express was the first to report the results.

Indian ISPs have been found filtering access to websites and web pages belonging to domestic and foreign NGOs, human rights groups, health forums, feminist groups, and political activists at different points during the survey period, the report said.

Citizen Lab and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation surveyed Afghanistan, Bahrain, India, Kuwait, Pakistan, Qatar, Somalia, Sudan, UAE and Yemen. The findings include both websites actually blocked and websites that are not blocked but which operators had intended to block.

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