JuA’s Multi-Vectored Offensive Against the People of Pakistan

By Shaikh Muhammad Bilal 

Jamat ul Ahrar (JuA) emerged as a splinter group from the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in 2014 and since then it has been leading a despicable offensive of not just committing heinous acts of terrorism against the people of Pakistan but also simultaneously coerce, extort Pakistani businessmen, politicians & community leaders along with justification of its unjust tactics through influencing campaigns by its self-proclaimed ideologues who deliver sermons and speeches based on falsification of the sacred texts of the Holy Quran and the teachings of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). This multi-vectored offensive launched by JuA is a clear and present threat to Pakistan and a useful tool for the enemies of the people of Pakistan to exploit and halt the current global-trajectory which has destined Pakistan to play a more constructive role in regional & international politics and towards becoming an ardent pillar of newly emerging global governance structures.

Independent analyst have reported that JuA has an annual approximate income of 100 million Pakistani Rupees from its criminal activities of extortion, zakat & usher collection, kidnap for ransom, fees from judicial decisions and funds from intelligence services of hostile countries having grudges against vibrancy and dynamism of the Pakistani people. The amount of 100 million Rupees looks meager rightly so if one looks at it from a business and commercial point of view, as even a successful small and medium size company can generate 100 times more income and profit. However, this 100 million in the hands of savages having criminal intent backed by satanic ideological motivation and proximity to conventional small arms weaponry from Soviet era depots in Central Asia along with historical intelligence connections of Indian RAW with rogue intelligence elements in these cash starved Central Asian states, this 100 million income highly likely can cause serious damage to the people of Pakistan and Pakistan’s rising aspirations.

Evolving terrorism trends globally dictate that terrorist groups are transforming towards becoming more of a mafia style secret organized crime groups bent upon spreading their evil tentacles within society without much noise and fanfare. The benefit of financial gains and easy overt adjustment has more benefits than remaining hardcore traditional terrorist groups finding refuge in ever decreasing ungovernable spaces with minor launching of sporadic cowardly attacks on unarmed civilians. The shrinking terrorist space or zones of conflict from Iraq to Syria and Afghanistan along with declining sources of revenues and finances, members of terroristic entities are now striving to infiltrate and penetrate societal structures and tactically use a modus operandi of combining organized crime activities with terrorism and covering it through ideologically influencing preaching to hide their satanic workings, exploit and induct new recruits who have a high thirst and frenzy for money.

JuA is no exception to these changing dynamics of international terrorism, adopting this transformation quickly and decisively. However, this adaptation cannot come from little bearded men of JuA but through interaction and collaboration with the intelligence services of a sovereign state full of jealously for Pakistan. Is it possible that without external clandestine assistance an extensive chain of extortion operating transnational with fixed dates of pay up on monthly, quarterly and yearly, can be established? From where JuA gets information of rich well to do individuals whom it threatens through calls directly on their cell phones. A full fledge functioning mechanism has been developed by JuA with its little bearded men given responsibilities like capos of a mafia family. This functioning mechanism includes its financial committee, recruitment sections, ideological preacher training, cyber operations, logistics chain and medical services.

These little bearded men are also trained in the art of oratory to attract young men and women especially those who have witnessed consequences of terrorism in their native areas. JuA has trained specialized preachers who have received education from RAW funded madaris in Afghanistan. Can RAW a foreign intelligence services of a rising politically and socially radical power teach Islam, they only indoctrinate and brainwash with falsified concepts in these madaris. Technology has rendered indoctrination and brainwashing to me made easy and on a large scale including whole populations. Usually these preachers deliver their ideologically and religiously subversive sermons and speeches on special occasions when emotions of the listeners are high and he cannot make out whether what the JuA culprit is talking about is actual Islamic fact or not. The main theme in these sermons and speeches is enforcement of Shariah Law in Pakistan. There is no need to ponder on this as Pakistan by character and by historical virtue is a Muslim state with already Shariah enforced. Does not the constitution decrees that no law would be made or implemented in Pakistan if it contradicts Islam? Is it not that sovereignty enshrined to Allah alone? Is it not that all injunctions and articles of the constitution confirm the Islamic nature of the country? The Pakistani people have suffered the most, they have also the sacrificed the most and will continue to do so till this evil of terrorism is completely eradicated within and without. Soon, as result of operational Rad ul Fasad, JuA is destined to face a bitter end of humiliation and uprooting.

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