Khamenei: U.S. Has ‘Dirty Hands’

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, on Monday said his country had rejected a U.S. request for cooperation against the “Islamic State” (IS) because Washington has “dirty hands”.

“Right from the start, the United States asked through its ambassador in Iraq whether we could cooperate against [IS],” Khamenei said in a statement on his official website which was quoted by Al Arabiya.

“I said no, because they have dirty hands,” said Khamenei, who has the final say on all matters of state in Iran.

“Secretary of State (John Kerry) personally asked (Iranian counterpart) Mohammad Javad Zarif and he rejected the request,” said Khamenei, who was leaving hospital after what doctors said was successful prostate surgery.

Khamenei accused Washington of seeking a “pretext to do in Iraq and Syria what it already does in Pakistan — bomb anywhere without authorization,” according to Al Arabiya.

Earlier on Monday,  Kerry waffled on his position from last Friday, when he ruled out Iran’s participation in a global coalition against IS, saying in an interview that he would be open to military cooperation with Iran.

Asked in a Yahoo interview whether the U.S. would cooperate militarily with Iran, Kerry did not rule out the option, saying, “Let’s see what Iran might or might not be willing to do before we start making any pronouncements.”

Kerry elaborated, saying, “I think we are open to any constructive process here that could minimize the violence, hold Iraq together – the integrity of the country – and eliminate the presence of outside terrorist forces that are ripping it apart. I wouldn’t rule out anything that would be constructive to providing real stability.

Two weeks ago it was reported that Khamenei had authorized his army to coordinate joint military operations with the US against ISIS in Iraq. The State Department later clarified it has “no plans” for any military coordination with Iran in the fight against Islamic State.

One thought on “Khamenei: U.S. Has ‘Dirty Hands’

  1. This is a lot worse than any of the mews reports I’ve seen. First, Iran is enemy nebumr 1, and they will be sure that every other enemy of the USA gets this technology, not to mention their own Revolutionary Guard. They will need to copy each part of the drone and learn how to reproduce it, but once they do, imagine the ability to place WMDs on such a drone there’s no ability to detect them, and they can be launched from almost anywhere this is very bad.If you’ve ever seen the wreckage of a plane when it crashes, you might notice that it is completely destroyed beyond recognition Looking at the pictures, we see that this drone is completely in tact! So we can conclude that this drone almost certainly didn’t crash. When I saw those pictures, I knew that the plane MUST have been hijacked by somebody and brought in for a safe landing within Iran. That tells me the Iranian claim of electronic warfare is probably true. They would have had to hack into the satellite signal that controls thee drones, seize control of the aircraft, and land it without the craft being destroyed. Also, how did they know when and where the drone was? Did they detect it on radar, or were they watching Satellite traffic that controls the drones to capture this thing? It looks like the Iranians must have had either Russian ro Chinese help to capture this drone, and this event will have consequences for the world.In reality this might be the biggest disaster to befall the US forces in 10 years because this has the potential to destroy our ability to defend ourselves I might add that Israel knows this too, and they might feel compelled to take action to make sure Iran can’t equip these things with a WMD. Sadly, the biggest news is often nearly missed by the news-media corporations.

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