Published On: Thu, May 8th, 2014

Narinder Mody – a danger to Indian Reputation

By A – Haq

For the Last many years world journalists and political analysts have been discussing the Pak-India relations and their impact on the world. But there never occurred a chance when these two opposing countries could have acted in such a way to be remembered by the world putting aside all other discussions. There occurred many a chances when these two countries could have entered into strong ties of friendship. Whenever such chances appeared they were thwarted by some gruesome incidents and the reaction was always so strong to discontinue any such relations with a striking comment as—- hell with such friendship.

Among the Indian Prime Ministers, Atel Behari Wajpai has been such an Indian leader who left clear imprints after him in the minds of the public of the two countries regarding Pak-Indian friendship. But India is perhaps going to elect such a Prime minister who can be of great danger to the reputation of India world over. It will also leave an imprint but to detest always perhaps. There is no doubt that the writings of ‘Chankia Kotla’ a spiritual guide of Hinduism, has mentioned a number of nefarious tactics to defeat the enemy. As for example make your enemy a friend to play Brutus and push the dagger from behind. By making your enemy a friend you can get wink of numerous weaknesses of your enemy that can help in future attack etc. etc.

Numerous statements of Narinder Mody reflect his loathsome and biased attitude with reference to Pakistan. It is believed that if he is elected for the premiership of India, his actions may call for strong reactions.

Narinder Mody as the Chief Minister of Gujrat remained silent on the killings of 3000 Muslims in Gujrat twelve year ago. On 17th April while talking to the BBC and INA he has claimed that he may be hanged if a single proof is found against him regarding the genocide of the Muslims in 2002. Moreover, it is also being declared during the election campaign that the opponents of Mody should move to Pakistan because they have no place in India. It is a blatant threat to the Muslims of India. The bitter statements of the Indian politicians also reflect something serious challenges coming ahead to the Muslim community there in India.

Indian government had always been driving away world eyes from the issue of Kashmir. In the wake of Mody’s Premiership world will see what sort of treatment he can have with the Indian Muslims or the Muslims of Kashmir.

The Indian government has kept the media from putting Kashmir on news. Even the Indian backed few Pakistani News Channels also spearheading in reflecting their policy. Let’s see if Narinder Mody holds the premiership of India what the Pakistani News Channels will do along with the Indian media.

The BJP is desperately trying to avoid a fair probe into the ‘snoop-gate.’ But we think they should be held accountable for their actions. Media reports are already indicating that this goes much deeper. “Kin of snoopgate victim derived power from Modi,” the Times of India had reported.

Rather than running away from the probe, we think there are some questions Shri Narendra Modi and Shri Amit Shah should answer. Let’s hold Modi accountable, tweet at him and ask him to answer these important questions:

Why did you violate both the Indian Telegraph Act and Penal code by putting a girl under surveillance?

Can you explain where the resources for the surveillance came from?

Why didn’t you disclose that you knew the girl for five years prior ordering the surveillance?

Why did you award Ecolibrium Energy the smart grid project contract when they have no prior experience.

Can we trust you in public office to protect the rights and privacy of citizens, especially for women?

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