#NATO Soldier Killed as Concern Rises Over #Afghan #Insider #Attacks – The officials said the #commando, who was arrested, had been grieving for Gen. Abdul #Raziq, the #Kandahar police chief killed in the Kandahar attack, who had been revered by the security forces.

An Afghan commando opened fire on members of the American-led NATO coalition in western Afghanistan on Monday, killing one and wounding two, officials said.

The shooting, at the Shindand base in Herat Province, intensified concerns about a rise in the kind of so-called insider attacks that, at their peak in 2012, almost derailed the NATO mission in Afghanistan.

It came just days after a brazen attack by a Taliban infiltrator among the Afghan forces in southern Kandahar Province that killed an important Afghan police commander and wounded an American brigadier general.

In the Kandahar attack, the top American and NATO commander, Gen. Austin S. Miller, was present, but officials said he was unhurt and it was clear he had not been the target.

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