Published On: Thu, Jan 30th, 2014

Nepal In 2023 By Bikram Sambat 2080 Simanantar – EBook


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Publisher’s Note

Dhruba Kumar Deoja is really an old hand in the Nepali media sector. He was
more well known as “DhruKuDe” in the print media, as he wrote many columns
under this pen name.

Dhrukude was not only a popular columnist in many newspapers, including the
oldest daily of the country, Gorkhapatra, but he also wrote musical radio plays
and was editor in many media outlets.

What this man wrote in this novel many years ago, is coming out to be true,
specially as far as Nepali politics is concerned.

This has been one compelling reasons why this book is now being published in
English, after much toil by translator Punjita Pradhan. It is certain that this
book will now reach a wider audience.

As readers may get to know about the happening after each page they turn, the
author has tried his best to put forth the political reality in this country and the
manner in which individuals have acted in self interest, rather than national
interest. This can easily be visualized when one reads the book. The political
scenario has not changed much from the time when this fiction was written.
The “old hand” that DhruKuDe is, he has cannily written about this political
situation much earlier than any other visualized this.

This is no mean feat, considering that when he wrote this book, it was a time
when those whom he has exposed were in power.

Yet the book has been so bold in exposing the nexus between the local politicians
and the “backroom boys” who decide many things, not only in the political
developments in their own country and Nepal, but in other powerful states as
well. The readers will definitely feel amazed at the lucid manner in which the
author has described such a scenario.

This book has really done its best to describe the murky political scenario
in Nepal and I feel it a privilege to publish this book in English, and at the same
time thank all those who have contributed in this effort of mine.
Pushpa Rah Pradhan
Periwinkle Prakashan (P) Ltd.


Download E-Book

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