Sunday, 13 October, 2019

News Around the World

  • Pakistan halts train service to India, bans films over Kashmir change.  (Reuters)
  • Pakistan rules out India-Afghan trade through Wagah border.  (Khaleej Times)
  • Kashmir issue: Pakistan closes three air routes for Indian carriers.  (Khaleej Times)
  • Pakistan’s Attorney General Considering Taking Kashmir Matter to ICJ – Foreign Ministry.  (Sputnik News)
  • Pakistan Raises Jammu and Kashmir Issue in the United Nations.  (Sputnik News)
  • US and Pakistan remove travel restrictions placed on diplomats from both the countries.  (Gulf News)
  • Pakistan says work on Kartarpur corridor will continue.  (Times of India)
  • Pakistan PM Imran Khan seeks international community’s support over Kashmir.  (The Hindu) 
  • Anger, fear, silence & gloom envelope Valley ahead of Eid.  (Times of India)
  • Lockdown in the Valley continues, emergency services remain badly hit.  (India Today)
  • India’s government fails to act on violence against women and girls.  (The Guardian) 
  • A Leading Afghan Presidential Candidate Suspends Campaign.  (VOA News)
  • U.S. Navy SEALs Get Afghanistan Detainee Abuse Charges Dropped.  (Gandhara.RFERL) 
  • India urges Pakistan to reconsider decision to downgrade ties.  (Reuters)
  • U.N. chief calls for restraint over Kashmir: spokesman.  (Reuters)
  • The Latest: UN chief urges no action on Kashmir status.  (Washington Times)
  • Pakistan Ready To Review Action Against India If It Reconsiders Kashmir Decisions.  (Bloomberg)
  • UAE calls for restraint by India, Pakistan; seeks dialogue over Kashmir.  (Khaleej Times)
  • Saudi Arabia calls for maintaining peace and stability in Jammu and Kashmir.  (Gulf News)
  • U.N. chief invokes Shimla Agreement, calls for ‘maximum restraint’ on Kashmir.  (The Hindu)
  • Contacts are being made at various levels with India, Pakistan: UN SG spokesperson.  (The Hindu)
  • Iranian students rally in support of Kashmir Muslims (Mehr News) 
  • As Modi Addresses India, Protests Flare in Kashmir.  (New York Times)
  • Modi’s Majoritarian March to Kashmir.  (New York Times)
  • Kashmir communications blackout angers some in the Indian media.  (Reuters)
  • Modi’s radical move on Kashmir takes India into uncharted territory.  (Washington Post)
  • Key Events in Kashmir Since British Rule Ended in 1947.  (New York Times)
  • No phone calls, no groceries: Kashmir on edge under lockdown.  (Washington Post)
  • Modi’s radical move on Kashmir takes India into uncharted territory.  (Washington Post)
  • Modi’s Kashmir move proves his fiercest critics right.  (Washington Post)
  • Kashmir’s new status could bring demographic change, drawing comparisons to the West Bank.  (Washington Post)
  • India’s changes in Kashmir create long-term uncertainty.  (Washington Post)
  • India arrests more than 500 in Kashmir as Pakistan cuts railway.  (Washington Times)
  • Pakistan Says Not Seeking Military Option With India Over Kashmir.  (VOA News)
  • Kashmir: India’s ‘draconian’ blackout sets worrying precedent, warns UN.  (The Guardian)
  • Kashmir dispute: Hundreds detained as anger grows.  (BBC)
  • Tensions between India and Pakistan are ratcheting up over Kashmir. Here’s why.  (CNN)
  • India Is Making a Mistake in Kashmir.  (Bloomberg)
  • India or Pakistan? Kashmir a test for Gulf diplomacy.  (ATimes)
  • Is India’s Kashmir move an attempt to shift its Muslim demographic?.  (SCMP)
  • UN concern over Kashmir lockdown as hundreds reported arrested.  (AlJazeera)
  • Is Pakistan able to counter India’s move in Kashmir?.  (AlJazeera)
  • Indian-administered Kashmir cut off from world.  (AlJazeera)
  • India tells ‘alarmist’ Pakistan Kashmir is an ‘internal affair’.  (AlJazeera)
  • The abrogation of Kashmir’s special status: Why now?.  (AlJazeera)
  • Pakistan cuts all ties with India over Kashmir.  (The National)
  • Delight in New Delhi, silence in Srinagar.  (Arab News)
  • India and Pakistan Clash in Kashmir, the Most Dangerous Place in the World.  (Newyorker)
  • Kashmir Is a Dress Rehearsal for Hindu Nationalist Fantasies.  (Foreign Policy)
  • Modi Crosses the Rubicon in Kashmir.  (Foreign Affairs)
  • Pakistan Prepares to Fight India for Kashmir.  (National Interest)
  • Much ado about little.  (The Hindu)
  • What’s behind India’s lockdown of Kashmir?.  (Financial Times)
  • India struggles with religious lynchings.  (DW)
  • As India and Pakistan – and America and Iran – go toe-to-toe, now is the time to recall the scorched corpses of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  (Independent)
  • In Afghanistan, the Endgame Demands a Difficult Balancing Act in a Region on Edge.  (New York Times)
  • How the U.S. can help ensure Afghanistan’s peace process succeeds.  (Washington Post)
  • Playing the Right Hand: US Negotiations With the Taliban.  (The Diplomat)
  • How the CIA Aims to Keep a Footprint in Afghanistan.  (Foreign Policy)
  • Are We Headed for Another Expensive Nuclear Arms Race? Could Be..  (New York Times)

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