Paigham-e-Pakistan: The Strong Peace Narrative that Attracts the Support of Extremist Ulema

Paiqham-e-Pakistan Curbs #Sectarian Narratives and #Violence – #Islam is the religion of peace as it teaches unity, #harmony, #brotherhood and #tolerance in the society and tells its followers to respect the rights of not only #Muslims but Non-Muslims as well.

Sporadic sectarian unrest in Pakistan is part of anti-Pakistan designs of inimical secret agencies like RAW and its international partners. These hostile elements manipulated sectarian differences between Riyadh and Tehran and exploited them for destabilizing Pakistan. Nevertheless, whoever is behind this, they are trying to destabilize Pakistan by dividing its people, in different groups, manipulating the mind of several with lavish offers and implanting prejudicial opinions about various religious and sectarian communities. Unfortunate is the fact that most of the sectarian violence/ hatred is carried out in the name of Islam.

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