Published On: Tue, Jul 18th, 2017

Pakistan, the Last Resort

By Syeda Fariha Gillani

A Hindu extremist government is in place in India and Naredra Modi is bolstering anti-Pakistan forces, primarily sabotaging the ideology of Pakistan i.e. “Two Nation Theory”. Sadly, some opportunist elements in Pakistan are also trying to cash on it. Sitting in drawing rooms with all the luxuries of life, casually giving the statements like “What has Pakistan given to us except for terrorism and load shedding, we were better off in India” is not an uncommon statement by some of the misguided liberal Pakistani’s with somewhat secular mindset.

This statement is as naïve as that of extreme right wing Hindus comparing the separation of Indo pak to the slaughtering of their sacred cow, Gau Mata. This mind set of Hindus doesn’t by any chance represent their urge of togetherness and should not be mistaken for the unity as the pages of history are filled with the brutalities and cold bloodedness of Hindus towards the Muslims in the subcontinent, be it Vidya Mandir scheme, ban on cow slaughter, compulsory singing of Vande matram on the Muslim students during the congress ministries or the communal riots in which Hindus got the license to kill, dishonour and plunder the Muslims. This attitude of  Hindus was far more  analogous to the concurrent Nazi regime in Europe than to any form of democracy. As Nisid Hajari, in “Midnight’s Furies” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), his fast-paced new narrative history of Partition and its aftermath, writes, “Gangs of killers set whole villages aflame, hacking to death men and children and the aged while carrying off young women to be raped.

The roots of this violence lie in India’s history, stemming from lingering resentment toward the Islamic domination of India during the Middle Ages aggravated by the  policies established by the country’s British colonizers. Historically speaking, Pakistan was not the only country which emerged out due to the marginalized behavior  and atrocities, The united states of America was created after much more bloodshed and mistreatment by the Royals of England towards the American colonists residing in the colonies, be it the money sucking exploiting acts like Stamp Act, Sugar act, Navigation Act, the notorious Quartering Act in which the colonists had to give shelter to the very soldiers sent for killing their families or the pools of  blood flown in the War of Independence.

What makes the creation of Pakistan beautifully distinct is the ideology based on two entirely opposite religions and the associated customs, traditions, life style and a myriad of norms and rules. These entities are as discrete as the oxygenated and de oxygenated blood flowing in the same organs yet they are incompatible.

Not to go way behind and discuss pre-partition incidents, sabotaging the Muslims have been the custom of Hindus since then in every possible way, be it the savagery towards Kashmiri Muslims, the inhumane warnings of revoking the Indus water treaty or the unjust partition with evil designs. Even after the creation of Pakistan, their maliciousness didn’t leave it alone. The filthy politics by Hindus leading to the partition of East Pakistan, the wars imposed on Pakistan in its nascent stage are a crystal clear proof of it.

Similarly, the credit of current surge of terrorism in Pakistan by viciously funding Afghanistan, instilling the separatist elements in Balochistan in particular and instigating sectarianism countrywide in general goes to none other than our rival. The malicious scheme to hamper CPEC is also one of its filthy tactics to sabotage Pakistan economically.

The violence against Muslims in India is not hidden from the pages of history. The 1964 Kolkata incident,1983 Nellie massacre,1969 to 89 Gujarat riots, destruction of Babri mosque by Hindu nationalists leading to Bombay riots, the Gujarat violence of 2002 and many more are the proof of long prevailing anti Muslim animosity. Speaking of customs and ideology alone, forcing the Muslims to follow the ferociously fundamentalist ritual of drinking cow’s urine, idolatry, vegetarianism and their polytheistic concept of “god is everything and everything is god” and their unjust differentiation of castes and creeds which by no means has any similarity to the Holy religion of Islam.

Many social scientists feel that many of these acts of violence are institutionally supported, particularly by political parties and organizations connected to the Hindu nationalist volunteer organisation, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). In particular, scholars fault the right wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Shiv Sena for complicity in these incidents of violence and of using violence against Muslims as a part of a larger electoral strategy,but choosing the BJP by heavy majority depicts the hindutva is not restricted to the elites and political parties only, it resides in the heart of each and every Hindu of the so called secular state of India.

So, without the creation of Pakistan not only the following of Islamic practices, but breathing in the air of independence with protected economic, social, cultural and political interests without the prejudice and malicious interference of Hindus would have been a wildest dream. By every definition Hindus and Muslims are two separate entities. As Quaid e Azam believed  that only Islam was the unifying force of the Muslim Millat and said:

“What relationships knit the Muslims into one hole, which is the formidable rock on which the Muslim edifice has been erected, which is the sheet anchor providing base to the Muslim Millat, the relationship, the sheet anchor and the rock is Holy Quran.”

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