Pakistan To Get Egyptian Mirage 5 Jets: Report

Pakistan is set to ink a deal with Egypt for a batch of Mirage 5 fighters.

The contract with Egypt had been under negotiation for a couple of years, and now PAF is set to receive the fighters belonging to the Egyptian Air Force.

International journalist Alan Warne, associated with Asian Military Review revealed the development during an interview with Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Chief Mujahid Anwar Khan when the two also talked about February 27 aerial skirmish with India, JF-17 Block 3, etc.

“Mirage 5 is a deal that has been under negotiation for a couple of years now. But has now been sealed. The bulk will be used to support current fleet but we could see some becoming operational too,” Warne stated in his report.

Pakistan was offered 30 Mirage aircraft by Egypt to supplement PAF’s existing fleet of Mirages. The Horus Mirage 5 aircraft were updated in Egypt in 2008. The upgrades include RC400 radar, MAWS, mission pods, HMD, night strike capability etc.