#Russian, Pakistani servicemen on motorbikes destroy ‘#terrorists’ at Joint “#Friendship 2018” drills during  in the mountains of #Pakistan

Friendship 2018 - Pakistan Russia Military ExcersizesMotorized units of Russian and Pakistani servicemen have successfully blocked and destroyed ‘terrorists’ during “Friendship 2018” drills in the mountains of Pakistan, press officer of the Russian Southern Military District Vadim Astafyev said on Thursday.

“According to the legend of this phase of drills, special services operatives from [Russia’s] Karachay-Cherkessia and Pakistan on motorbikes blocked and destroyed a group of ‘terrorists’ who tried to break through to suicide bombers blocked in the building,” Astafyev said and noted that the mountainous area prevented the servicemen from using automotive vehicles.

The motorized units later cleared the facility seized by terrorists. Russian servicemen used domestically produced technical means of reconnaisance, control and communications, including telescopic mini-cameras and Azart generation communication systems equipped with the GLONASS/GPS navigation system.

Joint Russian-Pakistani drills “Friendship 2018” are currently taking place at the Pabbi training range 120 kilometers from Islamabad, where the final phase of the drills will be held on Friday. Around 200 servicemen are participating in the military exercises, including 70 mountain shooters from Russia’s Karachay-Cherkessia. The drills are held in accordance with the international military cooperation plan and will run until November 4. The first joint Russian-Pakistani “Friendship” military exercise was held in Pakistan in 2016.

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