Published On: Fri, Sep 12th, 2014

Sri Lanka : Pakistan Foreign Office rejects India’s claim of arresting a Sri Lankan spying for Pakistan

Pakistan has rejected a claim made by Indian authorities that a Sri Lankan national was arrested on charges of allegedly spying for Pakistan.

Spokesperson of the Pakistan Foreign Office Tasnim Aslam during her weekly press briefing on Thursday denied the Indian media reports which said that India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) in Chennai on Wednesday arrested a Sri Lankan national for allegedly spying at the behest of Pakistan.

“This may be the recycling of a month old report claiming that some Sri Lankans were being used by Pakistani agencies to spy and to incite terrorism inside India,” said the spokesperson when asked about the latest trend where Indians implicate nationals of Pakistan friendly countries in certain terrorist and spying activities.

“You must have seen a statement that came from Sri Lanka that no such thing ever happened. I would put this report in the same category.” the foreign office spokesperson added.

Arun Selvarajan, a Sri Lankan Tamil, was arrested by the NIA on September 10 as part of its crackdown on the espionage ring that operates out of Sri Lanka, Indian media reported.

Selvarajan has been accused of taking photos and videos of vital security installations in Chennai and passing them on to his handler in the Pakistani high commission in Colombo.

Indian authorities said they recently uncovered an alleged plot by a Pakistan-based terror group to carry out suicide attacks on US and Israeli consulates in south India. The conspiracy was reportedly planned overseas including in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and the Maldives.

India last month alleged that a diplomat at the Pakistani High Commission in Colombo is managing Pakistani intelligence (ISI) activities in India from Sri Lanka and he had been involved in and was planning attacks in Chennai and other cities.

Responding to the allegations Pakistan recently said the allegations is an attempt to “create a wedge” between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

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