Published On: Mon, Jan 21st, 2013

Storytelling Festivals good for exchanging experiences

storytelling_logoTalking about storytelling and such kind of festivals, Pakistani storyteller says: “Holding storytelling festival is a great opportunity for Iranian and foreign storytellers to exchange experiences.”

On the eve of the 16th International Storytelling Festival, the website of the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA) is releasing unpublished interviews which were conducted with the foreign guests of the storytelling festival on their opinions about the significance of storytelling and the international festivals in Iran.

Pakistani storyteller Shazia Haider, who had traveled to Iran a few months ago to attend the 3rd Razavi International Storytelling Festival, said: “I gained a lots of experience through the festival, I learned several stories and my knowledge increased as well.”

Each foreign guest of the Storytelling Festival, particularly from Islamic countries, is his country’s representative and such events can be promoted in other states as well, she noted.

The Pakistani social science expert added that storytelling is an effective method for narrating the stories of Quran, religious tales particularly those which are themed on hagiography, as well as promoting Quranic culture.

Shazia Haider who is a graphic designer has travelled to Iran six times.

IIDCYA International Storytelling Festivals are held annually in order to promote the culture of storytelling among families and for the Iranian and foreign storytellers to exchange experiences.

The 16th International Storytelling Festival will be held in Tabriz from February 16 -19.

The event will be themed on national identity as well as ethical instructions and educational and religious subjects, Iranian heroes and ancient texts (rewriting and recreating several noted sources including Marzban-nama, Kalileh-o Demna and The Conference of the Birds).

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