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By pak_adnews On Monday, September 21st, 2015

U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Afghan Allies’ Abuse of Boys in Afghanistan

By Joseph Goldstein Dan Quinn was relieved of his Special Forces command after a fight with a U.S.-backed militia leader who had a boy as a sex slave chained to his bed. Kirsten Luce for The New York Times More...

By pak_adnews On Friday, September 11th, 2015

A thousand 9/11s

The 9/11 attack was just the beginning of the bloodletting and the wanton abuse of law to extend unaccountable state authority By Nafeez Ahmed Fourteen years ago, 2,996 people were murdered when four civilian More...

By pak_adnews On Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Pakistan’s War On Terror – ‘Good’ Versus ‘Bad’ Taliban

By Donald Kirk The danger of the fighting in Afghanistan spilling across the mountainous western borders of Pakistan confronts a society that’s also in a perpetual standoff with India and roiled by simmering discontent More...

By pak_adnews On Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Natural Allies: Turkey – Pakistan – Afghanistan

By Khalid Iqbal During the recent Pakistan-Turkey summit, both sides explored options to assist Afghanistan in reaching a peace agreement with the Taliban. Turkish premier Ahmet Davutoglu had an extensive agenda, More...

By pak_adnews On Monday, February 16th, 2015

The Taliban – A CFR Info Guide Presentation

The Taliban has outlasted the world’s most potent military forces and its two main factions now challenge the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  As U.S. troops draw down, the next phase of conflict will More...

By pak_adnews On Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Bowe Bergdahl’s release and the future of ‘war on terror’

The deal to swap a US soldier for five Taliban prisoners may be evidence of the pragmatism underlying Obama’s foreign policy By Mary Dejevsky A US army handout of Bowe Bergdahl before his capture. ‘It is More...

By pak_adnews On Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

In Its Own War on Terror, Pakistan Piles Up Heavy Losses

Pakistan’s Army Has Lost Roughly Twice as Many Soldiers in the Conflict with Taliban Fighters as the U.S. By Yaroslav Trofimov Each day, Cpl. Hamid Raza helps strap Cpl. Mohammed Yakub to a physiotherapy More...

By pak_adnews On Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Terrorism: Tool of Proxy Wars

By Niloofar Qureshi With the killing of a Major General alongwith another officer and one soldier in a roadside bomb attack in the Upper Dir district of the restive Northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province More...

By pak_adnews On Monday, April 29th, 2013

America’s terror war against Islam

By Glenn Greenwald Portraying Islam as a militant religion while ignoring horrific violence brought by the US to the Muslim world is dangerously self-flattering and self-delusional. News reports purporting to describe More...