#Taliban let Red Cross resume #Afghanistan #aid after prisoners row – The dispute two months ago had threatened to stop the work of the #RedCross, which employs 1,000 staff in the country and has worked for 30 years to ease the plight of those caught in its wars.

Taliban militants will again guarantee safe passage to Red Cross staff across Afghanistan after settling a dispute that forced the medical aid agency to halt most work.

The leading humanitarian charity cut almost all its aid for Afghans after the militants withdrew protection, leaving staff and buildings open to attack.

The insurgent group had denounced the charity for allegedly failing to ensure its own militant prisoners were not mistreated or neglected in government jails.

Red Cross officials met Taliban envoys for two days of secret talks in the Qatar capital of Doha, where the insurgent movement maintains its diplomatic office.

A Taliban statement released afterwards said its fighters should “grant access to activities of the International Committee of the Red Cross and provide security for the personnel and equipment of this organisation”.

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