Published On: Wed, Aug 23rd, 2017

The Hub of Hypocrites

Volunteers of the Hindu nationalist organisation Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) take part in a drill on the last day of their three-day workers’ meeting in Ahmedabad, India, in this January 4, 2015 file photo.

By Syeda Fariha Gillani

Thanks to the misleading global media and repetitive propagandas ,if you search the word ‘terrorist’, you would come up with the most vivid synonym ‘Muslim’ but next time before falling prey to this deception have a look at the recurrent episodes of systematic, state sponsored genocide of Muslims by extremist Hindu terrorists. The recent manifestation is the brutal lynching of a Muslim Body builder Naveed Pathan aka Rafiquddin with swords and sticks by a mob of   11 savage Hindus. The numb attitude of by standers either enjoying or ignoring the Day light inhumane ferity of the perpetrators does not make them any less guilty and shows that this barbarity is not restricted to a bunch of thugs but it is a common practice in India.

Communal violence over the last five years has taken a huge toll on minorities, including Christians and Sikhs. But  Muslims – who form 15 per cent of the country’s population – have borne the brunt of these hate crimes, such as lynching, threats, attacks on places of worship, forced conversions,  deadly mob attacks on cattle traders and beef eaters etc. The ghastly video shows that Naveed  Pathan  was struck 27 times with swords before the attackers escaped on motorcycles and scooters, they continue to hit him even as he lies unconscious and accumulated rainwater around him turns red with blood. Indian media engulfed this gruesome incident of a law-abiding Muslim citizen who had been taking part in bodybuilding contests and the Police blatantly lied and used cheap tactics of baseless accusations .But the truth is that it was a religion-motivated attack, contrary to the misleading allegations of calling him a criminal out on bail and wickedly associating him with 30 cases of extortion, rape, vindicating it under the cover of gang rivalry.

Saddest part is that the brutal murder didn’t evoke slightest humanity in the barbarians.The desensitized police turned a blind eye on another gruesome incident of public lynching of a Muslim teenager. Late last month, the media reported that 15-year-old boy Junaid was stabbed to death on a Mathura-bound train from New Delhi. A crowd of nearly 200 people – Hindus – pretended as if there was no murdered Muslim child in front of them. This is the real face of conservative, chauvinistic, racist and violent Hindu nationalism which they try to conceal beneath the myth of secularism. Indian government has made passionate efforts to project their country as progressive secular state upholding equal rights for all religious minorities. But the fact remains that on balance India is a closed society where the concentration of deep-rooted Hindu fanaticism has ebbed and peaked over time.

According to some historians, since the launch of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as a political face of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the BJP, along with extremist outfits, spearheaded a hyperactive communal campaign against minorities specifically Muslims. Anti-Pakistan and anti-minority propaganda were their main tools to bolster both the BJP’s image and vote bank, but this discriminatory attitude by Hindu terrorists is way more deep rooted. Indian Muslims are deeply apprehensive about the way vested interests are playing politics to target the community. Apart from the physical torture and abuse, such events demoralize them psychologically and belittle their aspirations for a secure future.

When a planted  psychological patient attacks any one and his fore fathers has a slightest connection with Muslims ,he is tagged as a Islamic/Muslim terrorist and around the globe through media and other modes Muslims are stigmatized and stereotyped for ages, Ridiculously contrary to this, Muslims are  being constantly persecuted and the Hindu terrorists get away with it .How much amount of oppression, which type of harassment ,how many liters of innocent blood and what  exact figure of  slaughtered Muslims would  bring the attention and invoke the slightest  amount of sympathies for the poor Muslims souls?

These savageries are taking a toll on the minorities in India, particularly the oft-targeted Muslims, giving rise to the inviolable air of Hindu –phobia.


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