#Trump heralds return of freed #American #Pastor #Andrew #Brunson: ‘He is on his way back’ –  He will return to the #U.S. on an #AirForce plane Saturday afternoon. He is expected then to meet with Mr. #Trump at the White House.

At a campaign rally in Ohio, President Trump on Friday whipped up the crowd by announcing that American Pastor Andrew Brunson had been freed from a Turkish prison.

“He is now free from jail and he is in the air heading to Germany where he will get off for a brief check and I think he is going to be in great shape,” Mr. Trump said to cheers from the crowd in Lebanon, Ohio.

“He is coming to Washington D.C. tomorrow and we will say hello to him,” said the president. “He went through a lot but now he is on his way back.”

Mr. Brunson was arrested by the Turkish government more than a year ago on charges related to terrorism and espionage. The government argued that the American pastor was involved in the failed 2016 military coup, which Mr. Brunson and the U.S. denied.

Mr. Trump said that securing Mr. Brunson’s release followed his other in freeing American’s unjustly imprisoned overseas.

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