Turkey and Pakistan collaborate on historical film

Actors from Pakistan and Turkey have starred in a film highlighting historical relations between Pakistan and Turkey.

The movie, entitled Bear Witness (Sahit Ol), represents the era of the 1920s, when the region of India and Pakistan was under British rule. It revolves around the historic Khilafat Movement, launched by Muslims of the region to save Turkey from imperial powers.

The film, inspired by real events, was originally shot in Urdu and will be dubbed in Turkish. Its lead cast includes award-winning television actors Emmad Irfani, Ghana Ali and Qavi Khan, as well as Turkish actor Mert Sismanlar.

“This feature film depicts the era of 1920 when British rule was at its peak in the sub-continent and even at its peak, our forefathers defied British rule and started a mass movement, called the historical Khilafat Movement, to help their Turkish brothers and sisters in their struggle against the colonial forces. It pays rich tribute to the great Turkish leader Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, as well as to the brave Turkish nation,” the director and former Pakistani diplomat, Tahir Mahmood, informed Anadolu Agency, adding that the film is due to be released in March.

After gaining popularity in the Middle East, South Africa and South America, action-packed Turkish television series, Dirilis: Ertugrul, has also taken over Pakistan. Last year, Pakistani prime minister, Imran Khan, ordered that Dirilis: Ertugrul`s five seasons must be dubbed in Urdu, to make it accessible to the general public.

One thought on “Turkey and Pakistan collaborate on historical film

  1. Turkey has struck Gold !


    Principles and Ideology !

    For A Human and a Muslim – it is IMPERATIVE to PROTEST the Kashmir and Gaza Genocide and SUPPORT the FREEDOM STRUGGLE in KASHMIR AND GAZA ! dindooohindoo

    And then the reward comes of Turkey and Erdogan .



    Erdogan is the Muslim Role Model and no Muslim King has faced as many challenges as Erdogan and Turkey !

    But If you follow the Principles and ideology of Islam and THE CORE STAND OF JESUS AGAINST INJUSTICE AND EQUITY – YOU WILL WIN ULTIMATELY !

    LIRA goes UP and Borsa Istanbuk and XU-10O shoots up !


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