Why peace is so imperative in Afghanistan – An unstable #Afghanistan has damaged #Pakistan economically, structurally, and has left its society militarised and radicalised. Afghanistan’s landlocked location and competing major nationalities mean peace in Afghanistan depends upon a positive regional environment with Pakistan at its core.

Afghanistan has been battered for the last 40 years. Inhabited by the same tribe on either side of the Durand Line – the border demarcated in 1873 to create a buffer state between Czarist Russia and the British Indian Empire, the (Afghans) Pashtuns have more in common with their compatriots in Pakistan than any other. With majority in Pakistan, the Pashtuns comprise nearly 40 per cent of Afghan population. Pakistan therefore, feels more heat of this war than any other neighbour.

Read: Why peace is so imperative in Afghanistan | GulfNews.com

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